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To win and qualify skilled employees for you — that's our mission. In Germany and international. With intelligent web solutions, recruitment, training and on demand also outstaffing: management of your international employees in our offices.

Labor Market Consulting

Do you need skilled employees in challenging occupational fields, such as IT and health care? We develop solutions together with you — considering also international labor markets.

Web-Based Labor Market Solutions

Job and career platforms, learning platforms, communities. In 14 languages.

Labor Market Services

Education and training co-operations to win your future employees — also internationally. Language, IT and further training using modern blended learning methods and solutions. Outstaffing: management of your international employees in one of our modern offices.

Win-Win and Common Interests

We aim at long-term successful business relationships. Reliable, trustful and good for all involved.

Professional HR Solutions

Professional HR Solutions

Having over 20 years of labor market experience, our international, multi-lingual team will find suitable candidates for you, especially in challenging occupational fields, such as IT and health care. On demand, we also offer to qualify them further regarding their language and professional skills and according to your needs.

Grow while saving costs

Grow while saving costs

Being present in international labor markets like Ukraine we make it possible to win good new employees with favorable general conditions.

Effective co-operation

Effective co-operation

From candidate selection via training to onboarding and even outstaffing - we go for effective communication and reliable collaboration.

your international employees in our offices

Our very modern offices offer an ideal work environment for your international employees - with attached language school and IT academy. Our German and English speaking staff takes care of all administrative issues, the work-related management stays in your hands - like for your internal employees.

Dedicated development team

Labor Market Consulting

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We have over 20 years of experience in the development of sophisticated multi-lingual web applications.

You can benefit from this experience. We combine labor market know-how with own development expertise and can assess very well whether and how well candidates really match with your requirements.

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Health Industry

Among our clients in Germany you find public health insurances, hospital groups, vocational rehabilitation training providers and further stakeholders in the health industry.

In Germany and further countries, like for example Ukraine, we co-operate with medical educational institutions, such as medical colleges, academies etc.

Our consulting services for employers in the health industry comprise possible education co-operations with these institutions – abroad also together with modern language training in English and German.

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Eastern Europe and Asia

We’re currently especially active in Eastern Europe and Asia. In the IT and health industry our country focus is Ukraine, the second biggest country in Eastern Europe behind Russia and leading in IT Business Process Outsourcing in Europe. A second country focus is on the Philippines, with its over 100 million English-speaking inhabitants currently world market leader in business process outsourcing, even ahead of India. The Philippines are known for their high standard in nursing, but we can also serve with qualified English-speaking service and call center staff.

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Our consulting services mostly address bigger projects, which help employers to solve a significant part of their recruitment challenges – sustainable and with long-term orientation.

Doing this we try to create win-win situations also in the countries of origin. An example: The Ukrainian-German educational co-operation supports the education of one student with future domestic employment for each student who will move to Germany after graduation.

The language training in German and English accompanies the academic resp. vocational education so that your new employees will be ready for your employment quickly after their graduation.

The training of your outstaffed IT employees is done in our attached IT academy and language school. These training facilities conduct regular trainings according to the requirements of our clients.

Web-Based Labor Market Solutions

In the countries of origin of our applicants Workconsult implements leading technologies.


Job portals:

regional portals, industry-specific portals

Talent pools:

universities, colleges, training providers, regional talent pools

Psychological diagnostics:

Professional skills, dynamical-motivational factors, personal competencies, mind frames


responsive web applications, mobile apps, high standards regarding IT security and data privacy through long-term work for well-renowned institutions and companies

Our internationally oriented labor market services help you
to reach your growth targets at often lower expenses than at home.

We offer modular solutions, custom-tailored to your needs:

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Our business unit Recruitment Process Outsourcing offers you a very flexible support according to your needs:

  • Recruitment support: German, English and multi-lingual support in identifying and contacting possible new employees
  • Placement support: German, English and multi-lingual support in job placement, also for training providers and public institutions
  • Applicant hotline: German, English and multi-lingual hotline via phone, e-mail, in social media etc. on your behalf.


Please feel free to contact us:



Outstaffing offers various benefits:

  • – extended availability of international employees
  • – comparative cost advantages
  • – no traditional hiring risks
  • – no administrative effort
  • – facilitates scalable growth, no limitations by own office resources etc.
  • – no own effort for trainings
  • – in general a very high loyality and low fluctuation rate


Compared with traditional outsourcing, outstaffing has the following advantages:

  • – significantly lower costs
  • – full transparency concerning the assigned employees
  • – direct work management, no information losses through intermediary staff
  • – lower management needs, comparable with internal employees
  • – continous know-how improvement, the external employees become more and more productive and thus valuable with the time
  • – no know-how drain through temporary project employees


More information? Write to

Blended Learning

Modern blended learning combines the advantages of individual learning speed through e-learning with the extended motivation of (virtual) classroom learning.

Workconsult in partnership with well-renowned suppliers develops blended learning solutions in its own e-learning competence center and applies them in own training facilities, such as language school and IT academy.

This allows us to train your international employees before and during the employment, upon request also with international certificates, e. g. according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.


About Workconsult

Workconsult offers its consulting services from several office locations in Germany and Eastern Europe, e. g. Berlin, Hamburg, Leipzig, Kyiv, Lviv, Poltava (Ukraine). Labor market solutions are also online for further countries, such as Austria, Switzerland, Poland and currently available in 10 languages: German, English, French, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish, Arabic, Farsi. All Workconsult team members are multi-lingual and posses intercultural competence. Workconsult is an active member of chambers and associations, e.g. premium member of the German-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce, and connected with universities, colleges and many further labor market stakeholders.

Our clients experience us as trustworthy, reliable, result- and solution-oriented - YES, we can :-)

Communicative and proactive

Communicative and proactive

We rather communicate a bit too much than too little. We are honest and transparent and like to invite you to visit us at any time.

If we recognize a need for discussions and clarifications, we address you proactively. You can rely on us.

Solution-oriented and productive

Solution-oriented and productive

Your time is precious, we know that. Therefore, we think in solutions and results. We solve small problems, before they get bigger. We show initiative and preserve your time, nerves and money.

Team-building and knowledge transfer

Team-building and knowledge transfer

A team is more than the sum of its members. We take care that your new employees match with you and adjust to you and your corporate culture.

We look after collaboration, productive exchange and knowledge transfer within your external team, just as you do it with your internal employees too.

Management and Team

Our international and interdisciplinary team consists of HR professionals, IT experts, language teachers, IT trainers, lawyers, education managers, mathematicians, sociologists, communication designers, project managers and further skilled staff.

On mother tongue level we cover among others German, English, French, Arabic, Russian, Turkish, Farsi, Ukrainian, Kazakh and Romanian.

We invite you: Let's get to know each other!


Managing Director


Ralf Bultschnieder (born in 1967) studied Business Administration with major in International Management and Human Resources as well as Economics with major in International Politics and International Law in Hamburg, Germany. After various assignments as officer and scientific assistant for public and international law, he became managing director and owner of an international HR consultancy for IT experts and managers and a software company.

Ralf Bultschnieder
Impossible is impossible.

And: Let's do it right.

Career with Workconsult

Workconsult offers a variety of exciting tasks, a modern work environment and many nice colleagues. At the moment, we offer several opportunities in our offices in Kyiv, Poltava and Lviv (Ukraine), especially in the following fields:

Web / Mobile App / Frontend Developer, Web Designer

Join our IT team in Poltava (Ukraine) and work on challenging tasks for quality employers from Germany. We're looking forward to your application by e-mail to

Web Developer

Mobile App Developer

Frontend Developer

Web Designer

IT Trainers

Join our IT academy in Poltava (Ukraine), develop and conduct IT courses with our modern blended learning methods and system. We're looking forward to your application by e-mail to

Entlastung und Qualität

MS Office

MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, ...

Methodik und Prozess

Web Design

Adobe Photoshop, Image and Video Processing

Diskretion und Zufriedenheit

Web Development

Frontend development (HTML5, CSS, Javascript), Backend Development (Python, PHP), Wordpress

Honorare und Probezeitgarantie

Mobile App Development

Android, iOS ...

Customer Service / Sales with very good German

Outstaffing by Workconsult focuses on quality employers from German-speaking countries: Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This offers both inbound and outbound opportunities in sales and customer service. We're looking forward to your application by e-mail to

Jobcoaching und Vermittlung

Customer Service

Keeping contact with German-speaking customers by e-mail, skype and phone. Very good written and spoken German language skills required.

Methodik und Prozess

Inside Sales

Contacting possible German-speaking employers by e-mail, phone and in social networks, like XING and LinkedIn. Presenting Workconsult recruitment and outstaffing solutions.

Vertrauen und Mitarbeit

Remote Assistant

Supporting German-speaking employers directly by phone, e-mail and skype as assistant, including information research and typical office tasks.

Honorare und Gutscheine

Support Hotline

Inbound hotline for technical and non-technical tasks for employers from German-speaking countries.

Recruitment and Job Placement

Workconsult offers opportunities for recruiters with experience especially in the IT and health industry. Suitable candidates are either in Ukraine or in German-speaking countries. We're looking forward to your application by e-mail to

IT Recruiter Ukraine

Finding suitable candidates for the vacancies of quality employers either for direct employment or Workconsult outstaffing.

IT Recruiter German

Identifying and contacting suitable German, Swiss and Austrian candidates in social networks and resume databases. Very good written and spoken German required.

Healthcare Recruiter German

Identifying and contacting suitable German, Swiss and Austrian candidates in social networks and resume databases. Very good written and spoken German required.

Job Placement Consultant German

Support German-speaking jobseekers to find a new job, using the Workconsult job network system, phone and e-mail. Contact prospective employers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, present resumes for matching job opportunities and place the candidates. Very good written and spoken German required.

Contact us

Contact Us


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